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Battery Life Improvements:

 Over the years I have had numerous phone calls and customers come in to my stores with struggles maintaining acceptable battery life. For the above average skilled user some of these tips will be very obvious and a bit redundant (to those of you I apologize - but see if I may know of one you didn't think of.)

So lets begin with the basics: (Android, Windows, Apple, Blackberry)

-Wifi settings- All newer smartphone devices should be able to connect to a wifi network. (Saves mobile data usage - ideal for streaming audio/video)
With that being said, the only time you are going to want to have your wifi network turned on is when you are in an area where you know the password and will need to be using the internet on your phone. Otherwise leave it off.

To learn how to turn on and off wifi click on your phones platform.

Another battery killer for any platform is memory being full. This includes text messages, picture messages, emails, etc. To put it simply each time you get a text message your smart phone needs to load every old message in your entire inbox. With phones now having text in chat dialogue it is crucial to delete threads and text messages as much as possible. There are many apps that will back up texts to memory cards and emails if you have a ton of important messages, there are still ways to save room and have optimum performance.
Android users:
These are built in to most new android devices but there are also a few available for download in the market for free.
- To take advantage of the task manager press and hold on the icon and put it on your home screen. (If there is an option to add an app manager widget, do it)
- Get in the habit of closing running apps before you lock the phone and put it down.

This website  HERE  has some good tips as well for android users. There are a few repeated items. (They must be important.)